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We start with artificial intelligence to predict how your brand should target and engage with consumers to maximize your marketing impact. Based on this behavioral data, our team of in-house specialists expertly manage your campaigns, tweaking your accounts daily to make sure every dollar you spend grows.
Don't cut corners on your Digital Marketing, one simple mistake can cost you thousands! 

 Digital SERVICES:
Creative Services
You know it, and we know it — your brand needs to be blogging, emailing, Instagramming, creating videos, etc. and etc. What’s more, your customers demand it. With new channels popping up seemingly every day, it’s a tall order. Just creating the volume of content required for baseline marketing can be overwhelming, never mind making that content exceptional. You need a trusted partner, a team of experts who can pair a deep understanding of your brand’s identity with a gift for engaging storytelling.
$25,000 Minimum 
Social Media

Every day, your customers and future customers are spending hours scrolling through feeds, reading reviews, and seeking to be entertained. An effective social media marketing strategy delivers engaging, platform-appropriate content to these feeds, eliciting likes, encouraging shares, and sparking conversations. Our social media marketing team is staffed with experts who know how to add value to people’s online experiences and prevent feed fatigue. We treat social media as a way to lift brand awareness, remind your customers and prospects of your brand promise, and cement a strong relationship between your brand and its followers.
$50,000 Set Up/$5,000 Monthly Minimum 
From product demos to animated explainers to company overviews, video production can be a challenge for any business. The process of writing a script, storyboarding, securing the services of a camera operator, managing talent, and editing can quickly become both time-consuming and overwhelming. The video team here at LJ Capital Marketing is staffed by experts who understand how moving images move audiences to act. They also have the technical know-how to make your vision a reality. 
$25,000 Minimum 
Brand Management
Your brand is not just a product or service. Its reach is much farther than something tangible that is, in most cases, also offered by other companies. “Brand” also embraces your organization’s core values and extends to every relationship and interaction you have with customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders. To put it another way, your brand is your company’s mark of distinction.
Brand management can play a significant part in maintaining your reputation and ensuring people experience it in the way you intend.
What is Brand Management?
In marketing, brand management is a series of techniques used to increase the perceived value of a product or service. Effective brand management builds loyal customers through positive brand association and has a positive effect on your bottom line.
Why is brand management so important? In a world where consumers make decisions on brands in the blink of an eye, companies must be prepared to wield influence over the public’s view of them. In fact, many businesses will succeed or fail based solely on their ability to successfully market their brand.
$50,000 Retainer
$10,000 Monthly Minimum 
Your data is only useful if you can uncover actionable insights from your findings. Our experts will help to set up your analytics properly and give you the tools you need to make sense of all that data. They’ll also recommend how you can transform these insights into actionable strategies for optimization, improvement, and success for your brand. In other words (and contrary to what other agencies may have told you), analytics is far more than a “set it and forget it” functionality. Data collection must be maintained, updated and even nurtured. Our team is dedicated to curating the most accurate business data possible and issuing detailed reports on their findings, all while providing recommendations for next steps.
$5,000 Monthly Minimum
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is more than A/B testing, heuristic reviews, and data management. It's really about gathering actionable insights into the needs of the most important person to your business: your customer. CRO aims to gain an understanding of user journeys and challenges to deliver an experience that solves a problem and builds a relationship. CRO is both scientific and human-centered in its approach. One day will involve interviewing users on how they navigate a site, and the next will be dedicated to crunching data sources to choose the best button color for your call-to-action. The goal? To convert more of the people who are already visiting your website.
$5,000 Monthly Minimum 
Your website is the digital face of your business. Is it making the right first impression? It only takes half a second for a website visitor to form an opinion about your brand. If they don’t like what they see, have trouble finding what they’re searching for, or are simply fed up with waiting for a page to load, they will bounce. And we don’t have to tell you where they’ll go next — to one of your competitors. At LJ Capital Marketing Services,  we believe that balancing beauty with messaging, all while incentivizing a site visitor to convert, represents both the art and the science of website design and development.
Website Development & Design Services Start at $15,000
Digital advertising is the new norm, and every brand is vying for the same share of dwindling attention spans. The challenges this reality presents to marketers are anything but virtual. Prices are rising, and being able to cut through the clutter is more difficult than ever. It isn’t enough to run a campaign — you have to commit to near-constant optimization. Luckily, programmatic solutions combine real-time data with deep customer insights and AI-powered bidding to deliver a more meaningful experience to consumers. By leaning in on automation, programmatic solutions remove the need for campaign babysitting and free real, human strategists to implement deep learning-informed decisions about targeting and distribution. The common goal? To put your message in front of those prospects who are most likely to convert.
$25,000 Set UP/ $10,000 Monthly
Who are we? 
THE LJ+Capital Marketing Group
At LJ+Capital Marketing Group, interpreting data and delivering actionable business intelligence is in our DNA. Our origins date back to the late 90s. That’s when we first began earning our reputation for using tactic-agnostic analytics expertise to help brands improve the performance of their marketing efforts. 20 years and millions of data points later, we've grown into a full-service digital agency that can call many of those original clients long-term partners. We also own/co-own and manage various brands and social media streamers. This allows us to be constant in our data and intelligence gather and general analytics.  Now, we're excited at the prospect of introducing you to the LJ+Capital Marketing Group difference: industry-leading, insight-driven marketing solutions that deliver superior and measurable results for your business.
Locations: San Francisco, Ca,  Dallas, Tx, Houston, Tx, New York, Ny, Miami, Fl, Chicago, IL, Seattle Wa, International Offices: London, England, Dubai, Beijing, China
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